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Help Old Homer!


Mountain bikers who frequent the Rostrevor mountain bike trails will no doubt be familiar with the 200 year old, rare Holm Oak just down from the Rostrevor Park Café.

A finalist in the European Tree of the Year 2017 competition, locals are asking for your help to get it to the number one spot. To vote, simply visit the European Tree of the Year website here - it only takes a second.

Located just beside the Fairy Glen in Rostrevor, "Old Homer" has long been a spot of much significance. Charles Dickens, C.S. Lewis and Princess Elizabeth are amongst those who have visited the tree.

Arguably more importantly, thousands of mountain bikers have enjoyed lying under it after a long day on the trails.

Voting runs until 28th February, and you are encouraged to vote for the two trees with the most interesting stories.

At the time of writing, there were only a few trees ahead of Old Homer, so vote for him now!

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